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One of the most valuable benefits of membership in GGD is a subscription to our quarterly GGD newsletter. This newsletter has been published since 1995 and each issue contains much valuable information about our Galizien Germans. Most of these newsletters were never intended for distribution on the internet as contributors were always promised newsletter distribution would be restricted to GGD members only. Thus we promised NOT to put them on the web or print them anywhere else. Below are the newsletters which we can make available to members-only on-line, but are still restricted to not ever being placed on-line for general viewing.

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2023 lock iconIssue #113, January lock iconIssue # 114, April lock icon Issue # 115, July   lock icon Issue #116, October 
2024 lock icon  Issue #117 January lock icon Issue #118, April lock icon July lock icon Oct

Galizien German Descendants welcomes submissions of original articles and documents dealing with both the history of individual families as well as the cultural, economic, political, and religious history of the Germans of Galicia, the lands they emigrated from and the lands they immigrated to. Previously published articles and manuscripts will be considered if permission for use has been granted in writing. Target length for articles is 1,000 to 5,000 words. Photographs and documents to illustrate the article are desirable. Articles may be edited for length or clarity. Please see THIS PAGE for further submission details.