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Translation of Some of the Above Example Family Group Entry

<Family number 6>   ADAM, Georg Valentin, lutheran
born approx 1770 in Heuchelheim, Rhineland-Palatinate (a,1)
Residence: Nov 13, 1791 in Josefsberg, Galicia, House Number 36 (Source 2); Before Nov 13, 1791 in Brigidau, Galicia (Note b, Source 2)...
GAUF (alternate spelling KAUF, married to surnames ADAM & WEBER), Anna Barbara (see families 319 and 1146)
born Nov 4, 1765 in Neiderlinxweiler, Saarland, Germany (Source 25)
Residence: about 1790 in Szczerzec; Galicia (Source 26); about 1790 in Josefsberg, Galicia, House number 81 (Source 27);...
Children:     1) ADAM, Maria Katharina, born Oct 16, 1800 in Josefsberg, Galicia, House number 81; baptised Oct 21, 1800 in Brigidau, Galicia (Source 8), Lutheran
(a) Hometown from BREDETZKY (Josefsberg, 1812)
(1) BRIGIDAU Parish Marriage Register/Lutheran 1786-1813 year 1791, page 3, section 4, item 2

 Note:  Two house numbers separated by a /, (e.g. HNr 93/14) generally means that the villages houses were renumbered and thus both old and new numbers are given.

Legend of Some Terms Used in the Example

There is a "Legende" (Legend) included with each Familybook with German and English explanations of most abbreviations but a few terms are not translated. Here is a table of terms (both given in the Legende and not) and their meaning :

<6> Family number - used for reference anywhere this family is referenced in the book
* Born
∞ (infinity symbol) Married
dagger(dagger and box symbols ) Died and Buried
Berufe/Wohnung: Occupation / Dwelling:
Anmerkungen: Notes:
Quellen: Sources:
Kinder: Children:
Ibid. ibidem (latin) - at the same place
ebd. Ebenda, am Gelichen Ort - at the same place
HNr. House Number
TfBuch Parish book of Births (also Tauf buch)
TrBuch Parish book of Marriages  (also Trauung buch)
ToBuch Parish book of Deaths (also Tod buch)
(= Kauf) Alternate spelling of surname
(Siehe <319>) (See family <319> for a continuation of this individual's family)


Note:  At one time, these books were created by the Genealogischen Forschungsstelle der Galiziendeutschen, a part of the Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen.  Now the books are created by Manfred Daum in cooperation with the Galiziendeutschen - Geschichte und Erinnerungskultur (The Galician Germans - History and Culture Remembered, formerly the Hilfskomitee).