Steinau Information


The Galizien German Descendants researcher has extracted the following records on the village of Steinau and vicinity from the archives of old Galica. Many of the later records of our Galizien German Descendants are not available through the FHL and these are our target records. These records are be available for members only access and additionally we we remind members that this information is supplied for private personal use only. Any other use could cause this project to end. These pages will be updated as we receive new information.

Steinau plat map giving house numbers and residents

Photos of Steinau )

Steinau Records lock : ( Map Ref B7 )

Births in Steinau  
1850 to 1859 1860 to 1869 1870 to 1879
1880 to 1891    
Deaths in Steinau  
1849 to 1870 1871 to 1891  
Marriages in Steinau  
1856 to 1891