Village Plat Maps

Also known as Plot maps, these maps show a street layout of a village showing the location of features in the village (like schools and churches) and the names of residents in each house if known. If the date of a map is not stated it can probably be assumed to be sometime between 1900 and 1939. See the GGD Photo Album page for photos of these villages (if we have them).

Plat maps for the following villages are available:

Village Name Other Information
Alt-Burczyce in 1939  
Annaberg in 1939 , another version  
Augustdorf (from recollections of Arthur Weber) Augustdorf in 1810 from Zeitweiser 1969 page 72
Baginsberg Description of 3 parish maps
Bandrow & Area Resident list from FamilySearch.
Bogdanówka courtesy of Zeitweiser 1973
Bolechow in 1939  
Bolechowice, Kreis Drohobycz in 1939  
Bredtheim in 1939 another less legible map
Brigidau, Kreis Stryj in 1939 (map courtesy of Zeitweiser 1964 & R. Jethon @  Resident list from Family Search.
Also see a 2013 movie of driving the streets at the bottom of the Members page.
Burgau 1783-1854   2015 aerial  
Burgthal in 1939  
Dąbrówka Niemiecka, Deutsch-Dabrowka in 1910. also called Dambrowka. This is a cadastral map.
Diamantheim 1920s , Diamantheim from Zeitw'r also called Szerokie Pole. Births and marriages up to 1909 and deaths up to 1928 are with Dolina, AGAD Sygn. 322.
Dolyna - See Bandrow  
Einsingen in about 1898 2012 notes for 1898 map; Resident list from FamilySearch.
Engelsberg in 1939 Resident list from FamilySearch.
Falkenberg 1939 Also see book by S. Müller
Falkenstein 1939 Resident list from FamilySearch.
Fehlbach 1849  
Felizienthaloverview page (courtesy L. Mayer) Residents Page1Page2Website by Siegfried Gruedl 
Flehberg,  Another version  
Gassendorf Resident list from FamilySearch.
Gelsendorf overview in 1939 Gelsendorf showing residents Dec 1939
Gelsendorf showing residents 1/1/1940  
Goleschau in 1939  
Hartfeld Resident list from FamilySearch.
Heinrichsdorf in 1939 Also see website by GGD member Mechthild Walsdorf.
Hohenbach, Kreis MielecHohenbach in 1939  
Horocholina, Kreis Pohonodczany  
Huziejow in 1939  
Josefow in 1939 Also see website by GGD member Mechthild Walsdorf. Resident list from FamilySearch.
Josefowka (it adjoins Michalowka on the south) Inhabitant List 1939
Josefsberg in 1939, and Josefsberg in 1939- detailed Josefsberg inhabitants in 1812
Josefstal east of  Ludwikowka see Leopoldsdorf
Kaisersdorf 1788, in  1939, list of  inhabitants, Also see members only section
Kaltwasser in 1939  
Karlsdorf Inhabitants list.
Kazimierowka / Kaschmer  
Klimiec in 1939 (TopBottom )  
Königsau in 1939 The detail on Google Maps, satellite view, is very good. Resident list from Family Search.
Konstantówka in 1937  
Konstantynowka near Hostów  
Landestreu in 1908 Landestreu in 1941 Resident list from FamilySearch.
Ludwikowka Kreis Dolina  
Makowa Resident list from FamilySearch.
Maleniska in 1939 (established 1772)  
Mariahilf, Northern partMariahilf, Southern part Mariahilf from Zeitweiser 2004
Michalowka (it adjoins Josefowka on the north) Michalowka Inhabitant List 1939
Mierzwica by Wiesenberg in 1939  
Mikolajow in 1939 (constructed by E. Gork in 2000)  
MokrotynMokrotyn 1820Mokrotyn 1939  
Muhlbach in 1939  
Munchenthal in 1939Second PartOverview (220k)  
Neu-Burczyce in 1939 Resident list from FamilySearch.
Neu-Chrusno Resident list from FamilySearch.
Neudorf kreis Drohobycz in 1939  
Neudorf by Ottynia  
NeuKalusch in 1939, Northern part NeuKalusch in 1939, Southern part (North is at left not top)
Ostrowiec 1854 (grid B9) Google Map with house numbers
Ostrowy partial map, 2001topographic map 1941 (Deutsch Ostrau at grid B6)
Padew in 1908 (from recollections of John Numrich)  
Pöchersdorf in 1939  
Reichau (Podlesie, located near Lubaczow, Poland) Reichau in 1854 further out to see house 1 & 4.
Reichenbach by Lemberg Resident list from FamilySearch.
Rosenberg Resident list from FamilySearch.
Rosenheck in 1939another version also see GGD #40 - October 2004
Rottenhan in 1939 (from book by Manfred Daum) Resident list from Family Search.
Sapiezanka (Sapiechanka)  
Schoenanger in 1939 Joseph Groele  
Schumlau in 1935 Resident list from Family Search.
Sewerynowka Description of 3 parish maps
Slawitz Description of 3 parish maps
Smorze in 1939 Another Smorze in 1939 with List of Names
Stanislawów Street map. Now Ivano-Frankivsk
Stebnik, Kr. Drohobycz  
Steinau Plat #1 Steinau Plat #2 (not for the same date as plat #1)
Steinfals - See Bandrow  
Stryj in 1939, and  Stryj from Zeitweiser  
Theodorshof in 1939  
Tucholka in 1939  
Ugartsberg in 1939 (from book by Manfred Daum) Resident list from FamilySearch.
Ugartsthal, Kreis Kalush in 1939 (North is at top left not top) (from recollections of H Schick) Ugartsthal inhabitants in 1812
Unterwalden Resident list from FamilySearch.
Weinbergen in 1939 Resident list from FamilySearch.
Weißenberg_bei_Drobrostany in 1939 (B10 on main map)
Wiesenberg bei Mierzwica (B11 on map) in 1785, in  1830 in 1939, Another map of Wiesenberg bei Mierzwica
Zboiska Also see website by GGD member Mechthild Walsdorf.