Bandrow and Region Information

Bandrow Area MapPlat Maps of some of the villages on this map are available by clicking at this link .

The Galizien German Descendants researcher has extracted the following records on the village of Bandrów and vicinity from the archives of old Galicia. Many of the later records of our Galizien German Descendants are not available through the FHL and these are our target records. These records are be available for members only access and additionally we we remind members that this information is supplied for private personal use only. Any other use could cause this project to end. These pages will be updated as we receive new information.

Bandrow Records lock: ( Map Ref D8 ) ( Photos of Bandrow )

Births in Bandrów:   1884-1889,  1890-18941895-18991900-1905 1906-1910,  1911-1915,  1916-1923
Deaths in Bandrów: 1792-1847, 1843-1873,  1875-1890
Marriages in Bandrów: 1842-1848 (Grauman), 18781877-18851886-1889 
German Births in the Roman Catholic Parish of Jasień - 1880-1891 (records are in Latin)
Births in Cisna between 1886 and 1903
(Some German births were recorded in the records of the Greek Catholic parish of the village of Cisna in the Bandrow area. These are in addition to existing German Roman Catholic records)
Birth in Roman Catholic Parish of Baligród,1872-1890
(these "Liber natorum" records include inhabitants of Bandrow and are in Latin)
 Farm owners in Bandrow between 1852 and 1880
Farm owners in Steinfels in 1852
Map of Bandrow location in EuropeBandrow area terrain MapUnterdorf 1820Unterdorf 1852Oberdorf 1820,  Oberdorf 1788 Map
List of inhabitants in 1812 by Samuel Bredetzky, general introduction, translation guide to Bandrow segment
Steinfels History by Heinrich Wolf lock

This 117 page history of Steinfels includes maps, lists of names and a personal view of the long history of Steinfels, including the last weeks before the German resettlement. For the original German version, click here. For an English translation, click here or, for a slightly better translation, read the version in the newsletters which start with April 2014 and go  for 3 issues, April, July and October.