Correction Index for 1939 Resettlement Records

Waldemar Birnbaum: Additions to the family submitted 2017-08-16
Waldemar Birnbaum died in 1978 in Poznan. Sophie Birnbaum (EWZ# 125964) died in 1968 in Poznan, née Wydzierzecka not like in your database Wydzierzycka.
Their daughter Wanda Kachlicka (EWZ# 125993), née Birnbaum- my grandmather died in 2000 in Poznan.
Their son Zygmunta Birnbaum died 2017 in Bielsko-Biała.
Best regards Michał Hess

Kandel, Ludwig:  Ludwig had only one wife, Julia SCHÄFER and he did not have a middle name of Hermann.  The other Ludwig Kandel in the GGD database, married to Luise SCHEIER, may or may not be the same person, but their daughter, Katharina Kandel, EWZ#  54448 is really the daughter of Ludwig Kandel and Julia SCHÄFER.
Ludwig an Juliane had 10 children, only 4 of which are in our database.

  1. Andreas Kandel oo Katharina Huth, emig. to Winnipeg Kanada, 5 children: Heinrich, Karl John, Caroline Juliane, Georg, Cecilia Louise
  2. Heinrich Kandel [EWZ# 156740] oo Katharina Rech (younger sister of the Galician home poet Friedrich Rech). Heinrich took the farmhouse of his parents in Neudorf. They had 4 children: Friedrich Ludwig, Wilhelm Gustav, Leopold Heinrich and Magdalene Elisabeth
  3. Katharina Kandel oo Phillip Koch, 3 children: Georg, Karoline and Maria Wilhelmine
  4. Karoline Kandel  (emigr. with 17 years together with her 18 year old cousin Julia Kandel to Amerika, died there young)
  5. Mathilde Kandel oo Gustav Weber, 3 children: Philipp, Juliane and Elfriede. Mathilde died in 1928 at tuberculosis and Gustav married her younger sister Juliane
  6. Rudolf Weber - Died shortly after birth
  7. Margarete Kandel (my grandma) oo Martin Weber Jr. Had two sons, Rudolf and Otto (Otto is my father)
  8. Wilhelmine Kandel oo Michael Bechtloff. They had two sons: Gustav and Edmund. Wilhelmine died in her thirties of appendicitis.
  9. Juliane Kandel [EWZ# 153734] oo Gustav Weber (the man of her sister Mathilde) they had 3 children: Hedwig, Ottilie and Adolf.
  10. Elisabeth Kandel [EWZ# 53498] oo Friedrich Herrmann, who was carried off and missed at 15.3.1945, they had 4 children: Ottilie, Hertha (died as very little child in 1943 at meningitis), Alfred and Horst.

Submitted March 2017 by Gabriele R. Weber, great grandaughter, from Alfter, Germany,

Nostadt, Apolonia: (nee Kroeker or Kroker)    Husband was  Jakob Nostadt Later research has found that Apolonia's maiden name was Kroker.  Born 9 Nov. 1901 Kaisersdorf, Galicia.  Died 15 April 1996 Pittsburgh, Erie, PA.
(Contact: W05) July 2009

Nostadt, Helena In searching the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), I came across a Helena Nostadt SSN 011-26-7728 born 5 Oct 1899, SS issued in Massachusetts, last residence: Buffalo, Erie, NY zip 14214 died Feb 1981. Since both Rudolph Nostadt and Helena were living in the same area and with Nostadt as their surname, I am thinking that maybe Helena and Rudolf were husband and wife.
(Contact: W05) July 2009

Nostadt, Rudolf: (Resettlement film Family History Library Catalog film #1807309. EWT 952804.
Fathers was Johann, mother’s name Therezia. Occupation: bookkeeper, Roman Catholic faith, records also stated "Lehrer Heimatort: Odessa and geb. (born) Odessa. Yet under another spot on same film, it was listed "geboren (born) 18.2.91 in Kaisersdorf. Wohnort: Freihaus/Wartheld. L. Later it was found Rudolf immigrated to the USA and obtained a Social Security # 097-30-8727; died Oct 1977 in New York, USA. Last benefits received in Buffalo, Erie Co., NY. Born 10 Feb 1891
(Contact: W05) July 2009

Schlamp, Emmi I# 44263 [daughter of EWZ# 104801]. (aka Irma) Born 10 February 1938, Roguczna, reference 44263.  This should be corrected to read village spelling as Roguzno, Poland.  52.49 N and 17.01 E (or 275 km. WNW Warsaw).  Emmi Schlamp today is Emmi (gesch. Schreiber) Leidenroth.
Submitted Sept 2009 by Peter Schreiber:

Schlamp, Wilhemine
 :  I# 44262. aka: Gertrud. Born 26 December 1926 in Roguczno. Correction: The name "Helmine" in the resettlement files is not correct - it should be Wilhemine. (Her brother is Johann (= Hans) Schlamp is still living, as are her sisters.)
Submitted Sept 2009 by Peter Schreiber:

Schlamp, Johann (aka Hans Schlamp): I# 44259. born 17 May 1928 in Roguczno. Correctioin: Johann Schlamp was born 17 May 1929. Johann Schlamp was my uncle. In a old certification from 1941 (Einbürgerungsurkunde) is a mistake) He is still living at this writing He is reached at Frohnstr. 8, 42555 Velbert, Germany 02052-2882.
Submitted July 2009 by Peter Schreiber:

Schlamp, Mathilde: I# 45173. [EWZ# 104815] Born 12 January 1919, Roguczno.  She was later Mathilde Pfeiffer.  She died 06.06.2011 in Artern, Germany . Submitted Sept 2012 by Peter Schreiber,

Schofer family Reference Oscar I#34027 from Kaltwasser, Zaskow, etc. - Corrections and additions to Resettlement data. Submitter has checked all information mentioned below in the church records from microfilms of Lwów, Kaltwasser and Zaszkow, so I confirm you can add the changes below. Johann Schofer born at 15.01.1875 in Zaszkow is my great grand father. He is the son of Franz Schofer and Mathilde Krämer. All the children of Franz Schofer and Mathilde Krämer to be added in the data base are:

  1. Wilhem Schofer, born at 19.04.1872 in Zaszkow, died unknown ?
  2. Marie Louise Schofer: born at 05.06.1873 in Zaszkow, died unknown ? ( married Anatol Proskurnicki)
  3. Johann Franz Schofer: born at 15.01.1875 in Zaszkow, died at 04.08.1934 in Zloczów (married Maria Haberl at 1902 in Lwów) – my great grandfather
  4. Wilhelmine Michaline Schofer: born at 30.08.1876 in Zaszkow, died unknown ? (married Leopold Kintzi at 28.04.1896)
  5. Franz Wilhem Schofer: born at 28.04.1878 in Zaszkow, died 07.1878 in Zaszkow
  6. Emil Julius Schofer: born at 11.07.1880 in Zaszkow, died unknown ?
  7. Carl Julius Schofer: born at 25.04.1882 in Zaszkow, died Abt.1945 in Watherland (married Henriete Rupp [EWZ# 11420])
  8. Mathilde Emma Wanda Regina Schofer: born at 19.06.1884 in Zaszkow, died at 11.12.1952 ( married Antoni Vaclav Mikolašek at 1904 in Lwów)

I confirm that Carl Schofer is the father of Oscar Schofer Resettlement I# 34027.

Submitted by code L54 on  2 February 2010.

Scholl, Karoline : I# 44256.[EWZ# 104801] (aka: Christine) born 1 March 1896 in Schumlau reference S150276. Karoline is my grandmother: Submitted in Sept 2009 by Peter Schreiber, her grandson:

Ida Spieß: My Name is Dirk Spieß. My Grandmother, Ida Spieß, Born Krause died on 19.03.2010 in Gifhorn.
Submitted by Dirk Spiesz,

  1. Emilie Freitag (I47637) does not have a reference number attached to her in your database, but she does have her own record on the LDS library microfilm, which is #131445.
  2. Emilie Exner (I47677) is listed as having reference #131264, but her actual reference number is 131284.

Submitted by Tanya Schuh, on 23 Oct 2018.


Spanier, Josef (EWZ# 166780): His birth date cannot be 3 months from his brother Konrad.  A researcher I hired found:  Josephus in domicile 37 born and baptized 10.12.1900 with parents Guilelmus Spanier and Barbara Lill.  God parents:  Joanis Hoffner and Catharina Rzeznik uxor Joannis.
Submitted by W5 on 2021-09-07.


Loppler-Löffler (EWZ# 103576 and 103593):  I found my grandmother in your 1939 Resettlement Records database, Adele BERWALD  ‏(I58105).  I wanted to give you a correction.  You have her married name as Loppler.  The correct name is Löffler.  Her husband's name was Paul.  I'm very interested in where you found her marriage information since it's not included in her Stammblatter record through Family Search... 
Oh, and your record for August Loppler, ‏(I58063), needs his last name corrected to Löffler as well.  That is the spelling on his Stammblatter record on Family Search.  I think he may be Paul's father, but I don't feel absolutely certain.  August's wife in his Stammblatter record isn't correct when compared to the information on my grandparent's marriage certificate.

Submitted by Teresa Loeffler,  teresaLL65at  on 2021-11-22.


Gerhardt, Eugen Anton (EWZ#  224179's child)
Eugen Anton Gerhardt ist mein Vater, Nach unseren Unterlagen ist er am 23.08.1916 geboren in Neu Sandez, Gestorben am 25.10.1981
Submitted by member G113,  2023-01-07.