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Unterschutz map of German Settlements in Galizien as of 1939

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Welcome to the Galizien German Descendants Genealogy Database. The GGD Database includes multiple genealogy databases contributed by individuals whose German ancestors migrated to Galizien and whose descendants subsequently migrated to other parts of the world, including back to Germany. Each tree represents the individual research work of the tree owner. Your search results include matching names from all trees.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Instructions for accessing the TNG Search Page
1. When you first try to search you will be prompted for a username and password. Please use the username “ggdmember” and whatever password our GGD Secretary, has sent you for that year. You can see that password from the new GGD website by logging in with your email and password at the link above.

2. Please be aware that the GGD Genealogy Database is built from the individual research of GEDCOM owners identified in the Search Results as “Trees”.

3. The default Search is for “All Trees”, but you can also select one of the Trees for your Search.

4. Search criteria can include Names. Locations and Dates for Birth, Christening, Death and Burial and Spousal Names.

5. Please be aware that your Search Results may contain multiple occurrences of the same person, but with different personal data, as identified by the different GEDCOM owners.

6. Clicking on a person’s name in the Search Results, brings you to the Family View for that person. From the Family View, you can select additional Text and Chart Views for Ancestors, Descendants, Relationships and Timelines.
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feature 2 About the Genealogy Data available at this Website
The GGD Genealogy Database is powered by software created by TNG (The Next Generation Genealogy Sitebuilding). TNG will not display information about living persons if a person's record includes a birth year which was less than 100 years ago. Private information will begin to be automatically shown once a person is older than 100 years, based on the birth date in the record. Therefore we urge GEDCOM owners to assure that each of their persons contains at least an approximate birth year if the exact birth date is not known. If a person's death date is present, then the Privacy rules do not apply and all information will be shown.

feature 3 Preparing your GEDCOM File for Sharing with GGD Members.
If you are interested in sharing your Galizien German Genealogy Research with other GGD members, please click on the link below for additional information about Privacy Awareness, Preparing your GEDCOM file for Sharing with GGD members and our suggestion for sharing your GEDCOM file for Long Term Preservation with the noncommercial, Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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