1939 Resettlement Records Corrections

In 1939 Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union as a result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement. One of the terms of this agreement was that German ethnics were to be relocated from the Russian area to the German area. This database is a partial extraction of the records kept of these relocations.
More information about these records including how to get original copies and how to use them is found in our help file.

Corrections and/or Additions to the Resettlement films: GGD did not feel we could legitimately "change" the extracted records, but because numerous interested persons have notified us that their family data was in error or that more info could be added to these records, GGD has included a Correction Index of Names and reference numbers (referenced numbers as found in the Resettlement films). This Corrections Index includes the name and contact information of person submitting this information on their family, as well as the corrected and/or additional information. GGD has not verified these corrections/changes, but is simply including them as submitted to us in an effort to aid as much as possible your search for more information on your families. If you wish to inquire about contacting a submitter’s entry, or adding or correcting any info, contact the GGD Secretary. All entries will be given a code for privacy reasons rather than posting addresses, etc. online.

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